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Your GPS for Success

OneSCSI’s goal is to provide peak performance coaching solutions that fit our clients needs and allow them the opportunity to enhance their business goals, personal goals, career value, development value, and customer value so that they can be ready for future opportunities and achieve successful results.


Benefits to you:

Taking your talents, skills, behavior and attitude and motivating you to be the best you –you can be.

How we help:

We simply help you light the fire within you, so that your inner genius flows and you dreams come to life.

We give you a perspective that help you remove limits.

Monthly Leadership Mentoring:

Step 1:

Involves completing an assessment to determine where you see yourself in your career and personal life now and in the future, what you need to do to get there and how to achieve that success. Step One alone will give you a big boost towards identifying and achieving your career and personal goals.

Step Two:

Hire OneSCSI as your “performance coach” for a period of 3 to 6 months and we will help you clarify your goals, develop a strategy and carry it out, even the parts that are personally challenging. Together we’ll find the best way forward for you to unlock your inner genius.


What you will enjoy most about the performance coaching experience will be your ability to discover your talents, strengths and abilities and then applying that knowledge to your day-to-day activities, both personally and professionally.

Quote—from my grandmother Josephine Esdelle

“Always do your best because your best is needed.”

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