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Supply Chain Definition

Supply Chain management is an approach to getting product and information to the customer by providing · exceptional service · efficient use of time · optimum costs · effective people · key measures ·optimum utilization of assets, as well as collaborating and creating effective alliances from the initial source of the product to the point of customer use to gain extraordinary results.

Who We Are

One Supply Chain Solution Internationale is a leading management consultancy organization established by experienced professionals with comprehensive knowledge and vast experience. We provide turnkey projects consultancy, executionable solutions for you, your employees and your customers in the Supply Chain Solution management sector.

Key Objective

The key objective of the Supply Chain Solutions group of OneSCSI is to provide Supply Chain Solutions that fit your needs and allow you the opportunity to enhance the Business Value Chain of your company to achieve: Optimum use of People and Assets · Exceptional Service to Customers · Increased Transaction Clock Speed · Increased Sales and Revenue.

What We Offer – Consulting and Project Management Services

A Perspective that helps clients use their business intelligence and collective experiences to create break through opportunities and use creative thinking to find new and better ways to get things done.

Why Do Business With Us

We Provide Actionable Results:

  • Customer Service
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Cost Effective Results
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Knowledgeable, Empowered Employees
  • Usable Tools
  • Measurable Indicators
  • Innovative Action Plans
  • Transferable Capabilities to your Customer

For immediate consultation call:
Customer Service
Phone: 704-961-8879

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